Golf Trips – Myrtle Beach Weekend Golf Trips!

Looking for a great location for an ideal golf  Beach Weekend vacation in the United States? Look no further as we have solved your problem! If you’ve never thought about Myrtle Beach golf weekend getaways, now might be the time to take that step. Golfing at Myrtle Beach golf clubs is a very refreshing experience and many golfers across the country express this opinion.

120 different golf courses in Myrtle Beach

No matter what playing skill you have, you can’t miss trying up to 120 different golf courses in Myrtle Beach if you are serious about your golf and also want to have fun while improving your game. The only dilemma you may end up with is which golf course to choose?

The best golf courses Myrtle Beach has to offer

Myrtle Beach, as we mentioned earlier, is famous for its wide variety of golf courses. Let’s shed light on some of them as follows:

North Myrtle Beach

If you want to head north to Myrtle Beach for your ideal golf weekend, one place you can’t skip is barefoot. That doesn’t mean you can walk the golf course barefoot! But it certainly indicates that the golf courses here offer you the same closeness to nature that you would experience walking barefoot! These barefoot courses have enough challenges for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Here are three excellent golf courses to choose from and you may need to invest between $ 300 and $ 627 in the pockets of an ideal golf weekend. The price range varies according to the facilities on board. No matter which golf course you settle on in the end, you are guaranteed a great time and value for money.

Central Myrtle Beach

Hosting 10 different championship golf courses undoubtedly makes the Legend Golf Resort in Central Myrtle Beach a great golf destination to plan a weekend getaway. The Parkland Golf Course in Legends, Central Myrtle Beach is definitely among the best golf courses you can play on. Considered one of the leading golf courses in the United States and blessed with sophisticated natural terrain, it offers serious challenges for seasoned golf experts. During your game here, it is not uncommon to come across deep bunkers or dense fairways with lots of trees.

If you plan to stay here for the weekend and are looking for the most suitable package for your needs, you may consider the special Legends 3 rounds. This package starts from $ 55 per person. Nat pr. You and person stay for 3 nights, play 3 rounds of golf, and are offered complimentary breakfast and cleaning. You will definitely feel like a king with so many luxury offers!

Myrtle Beach golf weekend getaway

Another great Myrtle Beach golf weekend getaway that deserves to be considered is Litchfield Country Club. He is the only one among the veterans who has kept his classic look and has not given in to contemporary trends that change dynamically. If you want to travel back in time and experience the class that golf offered 100 years ago, Litchfield Country Club is the place to be. However, the prices are a bit high at $ 300 for the weekend stay.

In general, there are many Myrtle Beach golf weekend trips to consider, and each one guarantees a uniquely special and memorable experience.

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